Cloud VPN network for Business Teams

Cloud VPN network for Business Teams as a service

Enable zero-trust global remote access. Secure all teammates, wherever they connect from. Protect your business apps from online threats. In less than 10 minutes.

Cloud approach to VPN network

GoodAccess is a flexible SaaS deployeed within 10 minutes. Secure and encrypted connections between remote users and business systems, regardless of their physical and network locations

  • Simplify cooperation
  • Improve control and network overview
  • Protect your application and data critical for your business
  • Minimize threats
  • Implement zero-trust security model with granular identity-driven access control

Modern VPN technologies

Teams Cloud VPN

  • Global virtual network in the cloud
  •  Connecting sites without HW or MPLS
  • Encrypting all network traffic

Zero-trust Access

  • Identity-based access control
  • Systems & apps access logs
  • GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance

Software Defined Perimeter

  • Hide all traffic from the internet
  • Secure users wherever they are
  • Reduce complexity, risks and costs

Traditional VPN

Traditional VPN technologies require many resources to design, implement and maintain. With increase number of employees working from home and using cloud technologies is concept of local LAN and one VPN moreless unusable.

Global access points for VPN – with static IPs

GoodAccess VPN has always 33 locations wordwide for accesss to your prive network. Each client has reserved his own PUBLIC IP address.

Advantages of cloud VPN vs OpenSource VPN

  • Implementation time: 10 mintes vs days or weeks
  • Architecture: SaaS vs Server
  • Usage: Connecting all users and systems vs Connectivity to office
  • Requirements to admin: Administrator or employee vs network specialist
  • Basic price for 10 users and year: 400Eur vs >1000 Eur

TOP reasons to use cloud VPN

  • Fastest implenentation on market
  • Decreasing running costs
  • Increased connectivity
  • Elimination of threats
  • Try Cloud VPN for 14 days FREE – TRIAL version. You don’t need credit card for testing. Click on icon or link to get your access.

Cloud VPN client

Implement your VPN in 10 minutes!

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